domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011


It all began on a Saturday afternoon. The sun was still shining, it's rays crossing the sky, painting it with red and orange. I was walking through the empty streets of Cork when it happened, the course of my destiny was about to change abruptly. My life as I knew it was ended, changed for something much more, how to say it...

There it was, the broken mirror that changed it all. I stared at it with the innocence of the one unawared of what fate has in store for him. I took a piece that seemed beautiful to me, completely circular.

When I was in bed that fateful night I saw some kind of smoke escaping out of my jacket. It was pale green, distorted, and it moved in a way that gave me the sensation of being alive. I saw it with a face of curiosity. Oddly, I had no fear; in fact, I deserve every night that I 'd had fear, that I had run away of it, screaming and crying, but nothing of that happened. The smoke approached to me, hesitating in its way. In response, I stood up too and walked towards it. The smoke gained speed, and it began to circle around me, still accelerating. I was looking at it mesmerized when, suddenly, it stopped, and with the velocity of a lightning, it struck in my chest, throwing me to the other corner of the room, and the only thing I saw then was darkness all around me.

Two years have passed, but nothing have been the same since that night. Now I cannot walk over the streets when night comes. Have you heard stories about werewolves?, all the stuff of the full moon? Well, it's all false. It's just matter of night. When the sun goes out it just... happen. But one thing is true, the pain when transforming, the horror of the beast, and the violence of this one, all these facts are completely real.

Now we are a community, some of us cursed, others just bitten, but anyway, we all are exiled, pursued by the Church because of our condition, but one thing is sure... we will rise, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a hundred years, but the world will be ours and nothing will stop us then.